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In order to ensure high quality of texts the Government Office for Legislation decided to use “four-stage approach”.



- Only French, German and English can be used as a source language.

- Translators are solely responsible for the accuracy of the translation.

- 18 translators actively involved.

- They have perfect command of French, German or English and a thorough knowledge of the second language (French, German or English).

- Selection procedure: internal competition in public administration; written test (the test consisted in translation into Slovene of a legal text drafted in French, German or English) and interview.


Legal revision

- Legal revisers are responsible to make full use of their legal knowledge in order to upgrade the text to the point that it can be regarded as “original” and not as translation.

- 6 legal revisers (employees of the Government Office of Legislation).

- Selection criteria: perfect command of French, German or English and a thorough knowledge of the second language; interest and experience in legal revision.


Commission for Legal Revision


- The members of the Commission are responsible for the final confirmation of the legal reliability of the judgments and orders.

- They examine any question raised by the legal revisers, translators or editors.

- Each decision which is adopted at the meeting is forwarded to translators and legal revisers and has to be taken into account in the future translation and legal revision process.

- 10 members (by twos from the Constitutional Court, the Administrative Court, the Faculty of Law, the Translation and Interpretation Division of the Government Secretariat-General, and the Government Office for Legislation)

- They were appointed by the Government (Government Decision no. 02500-5/2007/3 of 27. September 2007).




- 3 editors

- Texts are finalised and submitted to translators as a feedback.


Additionally, the multilingual approach is used, as it is necessary to ensure legal reliability of legislative acts. As a source language for translation only French, German or English can be used. More over, at least one other language which is different from a source language must be used as a reference. The same applies for legal revisers. In any case, translators and legal revisers shall always make notes of any unclear words or passages in the source text and refer the matter to the Commission.