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The Government Office for Legislation is, pursuant to the Decree on the Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia [Uradni list RS], No. 65/06), the administrator of the Register of Legal Acts in Force (RLAF), which represents the core of the Legal Information System.


The RLAF contains data on regulations being drawn up by ministries, by bodies within the ministries and by holders of public authorisations, by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, by the National Assembly and other state bodies, as well as on the procedure of their adoption or issue; on regulations applying or being used in the Republic of Slovenia and the data on EU legal acts with which these regulations are harmonised.


The RLAF contains the following data on regulations:

- the title and the unified identification code of the regulation
- the publication of the regulation in the Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia,
- the material basis for the adoption or issue of the regulation,
- regulations adopted or issued on the basis of this regulation,
- the effect of this regulation on other regulations,
- the effect of another regulation on this regulation,
- the bodies adopting or issuing the regulation and/or implementing it,
- the date of the regulation being adopted, the date of its entry into force and the date of its application,
- data on the EU legal acts the regulation is being harmonised with and links to internet publications of the EU bodies regarding EU legal acts,
- data on the compliance of the regulation with the acquis,
- data on the notification of the regulation,
- data on infringement procedures,
- any other data regarding this regulation.


Data published in the RLAF is of an informational character, which means that the Government Office for Legislation does not take on any responsibility with regard to the correctness and completeness of the data, and that only the data and texts of legal acts published in the official publications are legally applicable.