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This is a service that is very similar to our Office. It was founded on the basis of a law and its work can be summed up as an examination of all the regulation proposals and the delivery of opinions on their legality and constitutionality. During the procedures involving the assessment of the legality and constitutionality of the legal acts before the Constitutional Court the Secretariat delivers its opinion on the matter in question.


The Secretary as the head of the Secretariat is not a member of the government, but does participate in the government’s work and advises it on all legal matters. The Secretariat’s opinions are of a legal nature, but are not binding.

Our office is in active cooperation with this Secretariat, in particular since the twinning project involving Slovenia and Macedonia entitled "Approximation of legislation to the internal market acquis 00MAC01/02/006", which ran from September 2004 to October 2005. The expert advice provided by our Office was a part of Component 2 of this project ("Assistance in organizational restructuring and institutional strengthening of the Secretariat of Legislation of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia").


More information is available here.