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The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs provides general legal advice to the Presidency.

In particular, the Ministry:

- cooperates in and provides support for the prior examination of legislation drafted by the government, and confirms its compatibility with the programme of work of the parliament;

- on the basis of data provided by the competent ministers and in cooperation with the ministry for relations with parliament, provides the prior examination of proposals of regulations in particular with regard to their quality, internal textual coherence, clarity and suitability with respect to the legislation already in force;

- from the perspective of national legislation and EU legislation, ensures the conformity and suitability of regulation proposals, draws attention to any decisions of the Constitutional Court, establishes what burden a regulation will impose on citizens, the public administration and companies (i.e. the abolition of administrative obstacles);

- draws up legal drafting rules for ministries and the government, and examines and proposes simplifications of the legislative regulation (standardisation);

- delivers legal opinions on the constitutionality of drafts and coordinates them with the Constitutional Court and the State Attorney;

- performs a prior examination of the normative and economic state of affairs in order to assess and envisage the effects of the provisions of EU legislation on the national legal order;

- evaluates legislative proposals aimed at harmonising the national legal order and the transposition of EU legislation.


More information is available here.