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''If he (the draftsman) entertains the notion that he must make the statute sound ''legal'', that is to say, that he must employ expressions such as aforesaid, hereinafter, hereinbefore, heretofore at every opportunity, that he must precede his nouns with such, said or the said whenever he can, that he must search for the longest word he can find and couple it with a synonym or two, that he must add a provided that, a provided further and a provided always to each section and that each sentence or paragraph must be stretched as far as it will go, he will succeed only in confusing himself and everyone else.''

Elmer A. Driedger

There are quite a number of services similar to our Office with similar responsibilities. In some cases the legal drafting role extends from a passive into an active one, that is from legal revision to the actual writing of regulations, in other cases these services act as a body involved in administrative and/or legal matters. For comparison and simply as a point of interest we hereby offer a short presentation of the French, Irish, Italian, Macedonian and German services. More about them can be found on their websites, the address of which is given below the name of the service.



Le Conseil d'Etat of the Republic of France


Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Ireland


Dipartimento affari giuridici e legislativi of the Republic of Italy


Sekretarijat za zakonodavstvo of the Republic of North Macedonia


Das Bundesministerium der Justiz of the Federal Republic of Germany