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Office for Legislation is an independent service of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.


In addition to its main task, that is examining – in terms of conformity with the Constitution, the national legal system and the EU law, and in terms of the rules of legal technique – the law proposals and other acts and providing for the implementation of constitutionality and legality, the Office for Legislation is responsible for many other very important tasks. One of those is an establishment of the Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (LIS). The development of this system is a demanding and important project that our Office is involved in and we hope that it will contribute towards greater transparency of the work of the state bodies participating in the drafting and adoption of regulations, and thus towards greater legal certainty. The LIS does not contain only data relating to valid regulations, but offers information on law proposals and other drafts which are still being discussed in the framework of decision-making procedure, thus offering an insight into the different phases of the legislative procedure. Moreover, the LIS provides information about EU legal acts which, following the Republic of Slovenia membership in the EU, constitute a part of our legal order. In this respect it goes beyond other similar collections of regulations, enabling users to obtain complete information about the legislation currently in force, as well as about planned changes.
Since joining the EU, Slovenia has firmly established in its legal order and implemented the fundamental principles of the EU law. The basic principle established by EU legislation of achieving uniformity of the legal orders of Member States has in Slovenia, as elsewhere, had different influences and dictated changes in legal terminology, in the work of state bodies and in the general role of Slovenia as a Member State. Despite the fact that Slovenia has achieved virtually all the goals relating to the harmonisation of our legal order with that of the EU and the implementation thereof, this exceptionally complex and demanding process was not free of problems or errors, which will have to be gradually remedied during the next phase. This website thus also offers a number of topical themes and answers to questions dealt with by our Office in relation to EU legislation and the fulfilment of our obligations towards the European Commission.